Oluwatosin Amosu

Oluwatosin Amosu

"At DataClear Consult, we're on a mission to revolutionize industries through data-driven solutions. We understand the unique needs of your business and offer cost-effective AI solutions. Let's embark on this journey together and set new standards in your industry."
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Our Journey at DataClear Consult

In 2020, Oluwatosin Amosu, Ayodeji Ibimilua, and Ayobami Akomolafe, all passionate Data Scientists, united their talents and shared mission. This meeting uncovered a shared passion for harnessing data for business success. This synergy birthed DataClear Consult, founded in 2023 on the pillars of clarity, integrity, and timely delivery. Prior to its establishment, the trio had already collaborated on diverse projects, from intricate data analytics to deploying machine learning models and creating recommendation engines. This history of collaboration laid a solid foundation.

At DataClear Consult, we're excited to present a world of limitless opportunities through data-driven solutions. Did you know that 80% of today's financial value comes from supervised learning? Even more thrilling, it's projected to triple in the next three years. Our mission is clear: we are here to empower businesses, especially beyond tech, to seize this opportunity and build a robust, enduring business. Your business can also be part of this, reach out to us to find out how.

AI applications has primarily been in tech/consumer domain, driven by customization challenges and the absence of low/no-code tools. We understand the high customization cost when extending AI to other industries. To tackle this, we've adopted a cost-effective model, offering fair pricing while tailoring solutions to your unique needs. All we care about is to be at the forefront of these cutting-edge technologies, leading innovation across sectors, from material grading to agriculture and food; and transforming industries.

We also believe incumbent companies can seamlessly integrate AI into their existing operations. We've achieved a remarkable 300% boost in operational efficiency, transforming over 20 businesses, and maintaining a stellar 98% customer satisfaction rate, a testament to our client-centric approach.

Your journey to a data-powered future starts here. Reach out, and together, let's revolutionize industries and set new standards

Meet Our Team


Oluwatosin Amosu

Chief Executive Officer

Ayodeji Ibimilua

Chief Technology Officer

Ayobami Akomolafe

Chief Operation Officer

Vincent Philip

IT Project Coordinator